Teaching Entrepreneurship at High Schools

The Lean Startup Education at Dunn School

Dunn School

Dunn School is a college-prep boarding school just north of Santa Barbara, California.

As an educator I’m challenged to prepare my students for the challenges they will face when they graduate. I first began teaching in 2011 and I quickly gained a reputation for being the “Idea Guy” on campus. At the time I was using the Business Model Canvas and Steve Blank’ customer development to test my ideas. When students came to their mentors on campus and said “I want to start a business” or “I have this BIG IDEA” they would eventually end up in my classroom asking the question “Where do I start? Soon I had ten eager young entrepreneurs ready for the Lean Launchpad.

Through the Lean Launchpad my students have learned customer development, leadership, and ultimately how to take their big idea and make it into a reality. Entrepreneurship and lean startup methodologies are important to teach our youth. When students learn how to validate their ideas they are inspired to build them. This in turn motivates them to study the Science and Math that many of them will need to succeed. Most importantly it teaches them to TAKE ACTION and FAIL FAST. I will be posting a blog about my class each week for the next six weeks. The posts will be on my blog TeachingTrep. My intention is to build an online resource that helps expand entrepreneurship education at High Schools and Middles Schools.

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