These are the books that are essential to teaching young Treps. Hope you enjoy!

The Startup Owner’s Manual by Bob Dorf and Steve Blank is essential for any entrepreneurship program. This manual will provide your students with a deep understanding of the customer development processes. It is an excellent resource for developing hypothesis testing and for mapping out your curriculum timeline.

Developed by Alexander Osterwalder, the Business Model Canvas is an essential tool to any entrepreneurship program. You can download it for free on his website . His book Business Model Generation provides an in depth description of each building block and best practices for using the canvas. We use the canvas on a daily basis in my class. I’ve found that it is a very important tool for Students to visualize their business hypothesis.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development is the most recent addition to my program tools. It is about 75 pages long and is a quick way to get students to conceptualize customer development. It combines Steve Blank’s methodology with great ideas for how to rapidly execute and build MVPs. I’ll be experimenting with this book over the Spring Semester at Dunn. Highly recommended for any educator or entrepreneur.